Tinh Bui (Systems Operator) and Mark Taormina (Operations Supervisor)

Service Alerts

South Bay Water Recycling: Emergency Repair Complete!

5:00 pm PT Fri, 9/15 UPDATE: The South Bay Water Recycling system is back up and running as anticipated. The emergency repairs are now complete, and the pressure and flow of the system has been slowly brought back up to normal throughout the day. SBWR customers should now be able to use the recycled water services as usual. We thank you for your patience throughout this repair!

Service Alert Information

Your water service may be interrupted for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we are maintaining or repairing our water distribution systems. These actions may include meter changes, main repairs, and service line fixes. We make every effort to notify customers before interrupting service if a service outage is related to planned maintenance or improvement activities. Browse this page to see scheduled shutdowns, emergency notifications, information on what to expect during an interruption, and our service alert map. If you have questions regarding a service interruption, please contact Customer Service at (408) 279-7900

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What to Expect During a Service Interruption: FAQS

Get information on what happens during repairs or temporary stoppages.